Gartner Ask Government to Use Innovation to Cut IT Costs

Research company Gartner are pleading with governments to cut IT costs by adopting new technologies and innovative approaches to IT.

Gartner warn that traditional measures to cut the budget will not provide enough savings and have made a plea with government organisations to utilise new technology to reduce spending. The research firm has suggested switching to cloud-based services and community source projects to cut spending significantly.

Claudio Da Rold, vice-president and analyst at Gartner says, "Overall, a number of signals indicate that the financial climate is forcing the UK and European governments in general to follow in the footsteps of commercial organisations."

He continued, "We expect that governments in Europe are likely to follow the UK's spending cuts and gradually move toward increasingly considering consolidation, outsourcing, global delivery models and industrialised services as potentially viable options to reduce spending."

Gartner has also recommended that governmental organisations should cancel any high-risk programmes and reassess projects which may make data vulnerable to hackers as part of the process of re-structuring their IT infrastructure.

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