Google Chrome Browser Steals Rivals Market Share

Google's new website browser has reportedly already had a noticeable impact upon the market share of rival browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari. Chrome, despite still being in beta and only having been out for less than a couple of weeks, seems to have gained a general share of roughly 1%.

Naturally the market share varies depending on which statistical monitor you view. For example, XiTi Monitor gives Chrome 1.01% while StatCounter suggests 1.15%:

XiTi Monitor

Internet Explorer - 67.08%

Firefox - 28.10%

Safari - 2.88%

Chrome - 1.01%

Opera - 0.49%

Other - 0.44%


Internet Explorer - 70.87%

Firefox - 21.26%

Chrome - 1.15%

Safari - 2.48%

Other - 4.25%

It's worth pointing out that Chrome's share has seen a slide since its release day, with many merely "trying" Chrome as opposed to adopting it full time. Still, it's clear that quite a few people have chosen to stick with the beta, despite some privacy concerns.

Most of the statistical history also appears to show that Chrome hasn't just grabbed its share from IE, but Opera, Safari and Firefox too, albeit only to a limited degree.

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