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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Hosting provider ServePath launches GoGrid

San Francisco based hosting provider, ServePath, announced the public launch of the GoGrid commercial beta.

GoGrid offers a new approach to rapid vertical and horizontal server scalability, enabling customers to quickly and easily deploy new web and database servers, add and configure load balancers and monitor memory and transfer charges in real-time.

“Today’s rapidly growing sites need easy scalability without over-buying infrastructure” stated John Keagy, President of ServePath. “GoGrid allows you to deploy and pay for only what you need without sacrificing the ability to quickly scale.”

Providing a more flexible and cost-effective solution, GoGrid customers can mix and match the number of servers deployed on their GoGrid with pre-packaged data transfer plans and RAM-based utility billing.

Separating the RAM and data transfer plans allows GoGrid customers to better select a combination that meets their exact hosting needs, which results in cost efficiencies without sacrificing future scaling capabilities.

The company requires no long-term contracts, charges no setup fees, and enables customers to upgrade themselves at anytime. GoGrid is a metered service, which means that customers only pay for what they use.

Many dedicated servers operate at under 20-percent utilization, which leads to processing inefficiencies. GoGrid helps customers “Go Green” because their servers are always working and use approximately 15% of the power (and cooling, space, manufacturing resources, etc) as an equivalent number of dedicated hardware servers.

Keagy added: “The carbon footprint of GoGrid is commonly 85% less than the typical dedicated server or colocation footprint. We pioneered the hosted dedicated servers, and living in San Francisco we decided to do something about the energy consumption in our datacenter.

Going green with GoGrid will take the equivalent of many cars off the roads. GoGrid estimates that every 7 servers deployed on GoGrid instead of a traditional dedicated hardware server is comparable to taking 1 car off the road for a year. The savings are derived from fewer machines and much better productivity from the hardware that is efficiently deployed by GoGrid.”

GoGrid is the first server hosting provider to deliver static IP addresses, full root and administrator access, private networks for maximum security and flexibility, and web-controlled load balancing.

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