GeoCities: fall from grace

Purchased in 1999 by Yahoo! GeoCities was one of the largest free web hosts in the world. However, GeoCities has closed its doors. No fanfare, no large announcements, GeoCities went down without so much as yelp.

In the past two and a half years however, GeoCities has definitely fallen making its closing innevitable. In 2006, GeoCities garnered 18.9 million unique visitors. In March of this year however, only 11.5 million unique visitors.

it is interesting to think that GeoCities was one of the founders to social networks. It offered a place of individuals to create personal pages, it had neighbourhoods (community sections), and like Myspace was a place for younger generations to hang out.

The irony of this situation is only underscored by the fact that GeoCities was inevitable destroyed by social network sites. Even though it was one of the founders of the movement, GeoCities failed to keep up with the times. It would have been quite easy for GeoCities to move towards blog hosting. But it was not meant to be and now GeoCities is no more.

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