GAME retail launches download service

One of the UK's biggest videogame retailers, GAME, is to give broadband ISP's a headache after announcing the country's first videogame (PC) subscription download service.

The headache is likely to come from the fact that most modern games are several GigaByte's (GB) in size, stressing already stretched bandwidth limits even further. Even a demo can often reach the dizzy heights of 1GB+. Reports claim that Virgin and HMV may soon follow suit.

Unlike most existing "pay-per-title" services, GAME charges a choice of two flat monthly fee's. Pay £6.95 and you get access to download from a range of 116 titles, including Warhammer: Dawn of War and Singles 2. Pay £12.95 and users will be given access to 149 more modern titles, such as Spellforce 2.. with even newer titles to follow.

Precise details on how the service will work (heaven help them if it’s P2P based) are not yet clear and we’ve been unable to find a direct link, sadly GAME’s main website appears to be behind its own PR spin and makes no obvious mention of the launch.

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