Future Hosting introduces 'Future Protect'

Future Hosting, an Internet solutions provider, announced today it will now offer Future Protect, an innovative data protection service offered free of charge to all virtual private server customers. Dedicated server customers can choose to add Future Protect for an additional monthly fee, based on their individualised data size requirements and backup frequency.

The company explained that with Future Protect, their customer data is backed up every six hours and stored on a remote server. In the event of a disaster or hardware failure, they can quickly and seamlessly restore backed up data, minimising any potential downtime and providing an extra layer of security.

It also added that Future Protect utilizes R1Soft's continuous data protection technology to offer such frequent backups.

The company states that currently, Future Protect backups are only available for disaster recovery. It further states that it is also encouraging their customers to keep their own backups to be used in the event of an accidental deletion or other case of human error.

"For businesses operating on the Internet, we recognize that data security and service uptime are absolutely mission-critical," said Charles Kowalski, Future Hosting COO. "Hardware failures and other disasters are often unforeseen and unpreventable.

Even so, businesses need assurances that their data will survive unexpected situations, and that recovery will be quick. Future Protect meets that need and offers an important level of security."

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