Pipex wireless re-brands to FREEDOM4

Pipex's WiMAX based broadband wireless service has taken a step forward from the doubts of recent weeks to reveal its future under a new name, FREEDOM4.

The service aims to bring fast wireless Internet access to people across the UK with symmetrical speeds (same speed both ways) of up to 8Mbps, which is quite low for WiMAX tech:

Building on Pipex Wireless’ experience delivering services in Milton Keynes and Warwick this year, FREEDOM4 is gearing up to roll-out its commercial offering in Manchester, providing reliable, high-speed wireless internet access. Working with world-renowned partners including Intel, Airspan and Nokia, FREEDOM4 is the UK industry leader in WiMAX and broadband wireless access technologies.

"WiMAX is an exciting technology, requiring a new approach to broadband delivery, so the time is right to launch our services with a fresh brand," comments Mike Read, CEO, FREEDOM4. "Over the next year, we believe that FREEDOM4 will become the name associated with broadband wireless internet and look forward to the next stage as our services are rolled out in Milton Keynes, Warwick, Manchester and other parts of the UK."

Naturally the re-branded ISP also has a new website, although no pricing appears to be listed: http://www.freedom4.com .

The provider promises to install its service in under 7 working days, though their current 'Home Worker' package only appears to offer a measly 1Mbps. However this is a symmetrical speed and for those in more remote areas it could be extremely helpful.

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