freezoka enhances free hosting service

freezoka, a free PHP hosting provider, has announced that it made several changes to its service. The company states that these changes are designed to better meet the needs of its users, providing enhancements that have been requested in the past.

The company states that the one major change introduced is the new default setting of OFF for PHP safe_mode. In the past, safe_mode was set to ON for all free hosting accounts, disabling many popular Website scripts.

Because of this change in the safe_mode setting, users can now run many more scripts, and have more flexibility in what they can make their websites do.

The company also explained that it has also introduced a parked domains function in user control panels, allowing users to park any domains they might own, but which they do not want to point to a Website.

The parked domains feature is in addition to the add-on domains and subdomains features which are already present in the their control panel.

The company also states that the another improvement, it made is by removing the Google ads and pop-up ads from user pages, which it had recently added to help support the freezoka service.

It has instead partnered with an audio advertising company that will now play five-second audio ads on user pages each time a new page loads. This change gives much more control to the company's users over how their websites look and function.

"We looked at our top user requests, and made these introductions based on what our users were asking us for the most," said Daniel Briere, the freezoka Administrator.

"We plan to continue to move forward in this fashion, with many great improvements to the free hosting service coming in the next year."

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