Web host encourages forum for kids

Web hosting provider Fishing Webmaster announced on Thursday it will donate web hosting, a domain name and time to eskokids.com, an online forum for children to post and share their work as well as a resource featuring local activities and school schedules. "I have two children of my own in the local school and felt the children there needed a forum to share their many artistic talents," says Marvin Pirila, a staff member of Fishing Webmaster. "This website will give them the opportunity to display their work for everyone to see and relatives from around the world will be able to look at their work. We boost the confidence of our children by posting their work and offering them the encouragement to continue their artistic endeavors." Pirila says a core group of children will be given special access rights to the Web site so they can make their own updates while Fishing Webmaster will oversee the project to ensure all material is appropriate for children. Fishing Webmaster adds that children will be protected by utilizing fictional names for their work or by simply writing the age or grade of the creator. Source: The WHIR

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