Experts Want A Watchdog for Cloud Computing

The cloud computing industry will need a watchdog to address the security and risk concerns cited by organisations considering joining the cloud revolution, an IT expert has said.

Sam Higgins, the director of research at Longhaus, said that an industry watchdog would be able to protect the market from companies that offer bad quality services to customers and reassure organisations are hesitant from adopting the cloud.

He added that there were some hosting companies labelling themselves as cloud providers offering poor quality services, which was creating a bad name for the whole cloud computing industry.

A regulator would be able to safeguard the interests of organisations that are adopting a cloud computing environment and make sure that they are not cheated by their service providers.

"The lack of regulation is a concern - cloud computing requires a lot of capital, good risk management and the highest security levels," he said.

His argument follows, that just as we have a regulator for banks so we can be certain where we are putting our money, so there ought to be some sort of regulator over the companies who may be in possession of our data. In practice establishing such a body over the transnational sprawl of the web could be difficult.

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