Entanet welcomes Ofcoms ISDN to ADSL u-turn

Having originally echoed concerned over plans by Ofcom to change the way ISDN users upgraded to broadband, Entanet is now pleased to report that the adjustments may not now be brought in after all: In a short statement to service providers last week, BT Wholesale stated that "due to unforeseen technical problems BT will be unable to replace the existing Highway and ISDN conversion process on 31st March 2007. The existing conversion process will continue until such time as we are able to resolve these difficulties." Ofcom had previously directed BT to scrap the current system for transferring users from low-rate ISDN services to broadband in favour of the so-called Simultaneous Provide (SIM provide) process without further delay. Entanet believes that in fact, Ofcom has relented on its previous insistence that BT adopt the SIM provide process from the beginning of April. Entanet believes that a switch to SIM provide would have led to long delays for users trying transfer to broadband and has welcomed the new announcement. Carol Davies, Broadband Business Development Manager at Entanet says: "We are relieved to see this announcement from BT Wholesale and wonder if Ofcom has backed down on its previous insistence that the SIM provide process should be used for ISDN to broadband transfers. It is good news for BT Wholesale, for us and most importantly of all, for customers. The system already in place for moving customers across works perfectly well and transfers can usually be completed in a single day. The SIM provide process however is complex and there are often delays before lines and services are installed and activated," says Davies. Unfortunately BT's language still leaves room for the SIM provide process to return, yet Entanet appears reasonably confident that the problems have passed. Source: ISP Review

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