WISekey delivers enhanced Security Technology solution

WISekey, a partner for eID solutions delivery by Microsoft, announced that its CertifyID TrustCenter 2008 is the first enhanced Security Technology solution to earn Windows Server 2008 software certification.

The company articulated that, CertifyID TrustCenter 2008 Edition helps enterprises and governments achieve enhanced security by simplifying and significantly lowering the costs associated with the deployment of trusted public key infrastructures as part of their core organization security strategy.

CertifyID TrustCenter 2008 takes full advantage of the security and digital certificate technology enhancements in Windows Server 2008, especially the enhanced Certificate Authority, client enrollment API and UI, cryptographic enhancements and smart card subsystem.

"Enabling the deployment of globally trusted digital certificates using Windows Server 2008 provides organizations with the enhanced security they need as they increasingly open their networks to customers and partners.

Our investment on the Windows platform continues to be an easy choice as Microsoft provides a powerful core platform security technology that helps to simplify and significantly lower the costs associated with trusted digital certificates and strong credential authentication solutions." said Carlos Moreira, Chairman and CEO, WISekey.

"The release of Windows Server 2008 reinforces Microsoft's commitment to security and quality with support for next generation cryptographic and hash algorithms required by the US and some European governments, and sets the stage for Common Criteria evaluation.

Certifying our products on Windows Server 2008 is just one of the commitments we are making to our customers as trusted public key infrastructures increasingly become part of core enterprise security strategy." said Kevin Blackman, VP Product Management Solutions and Services, WISekey.

"WISekey is a leading security provider with a well established trusted PKI model that leverages the security enhancements in Windows Server 2008," said Tony de Freitas, director of Windows Server Marketing division at Microsoft, "CertifyID TrustCenter with Windows Server 2008 enables our customers to provide a secure trust management framework and ID management system.

WISeKey continues to deliver on their commitment to educate, promote and deliver identity management solutions to governments in Europe and around the world as a Lead Partner for eID solutions delivery by Microsoft."

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