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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

IBM offers energy monitoring software

IBM announced on Friday that it has introduced a new version of IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager, its management software that users autonomic capabilities to track energy consumption in data centers and helps customers to monitor their power usage and make adjustments to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

The latest version of AEM, originally introduced in 2005 as PowerExecutive, gives customers the ability to cap power usage, prevent cost overruns and monitor energy usage trends, which enables better planning before deploying workloads across multiple platforms in their data centers.

AEM extends the reach and scope of the technology previously provided by Power Executive, while gathering more information and presenting it in a simpler, more centralized way, says IBM. AEM now exploits intelligent power distribution units to support older servers and low-and mid-range storage devices.

AEM also manages power usage across supported servers through functions such as power capping and power savings mode. In addition, AEM includes power trending and thermal trending features to monitor and report system energy usage as well as inlet and exhaust air temperatures for individual systems. AEM will be available for download beginning December 7 and prices start at $100 per system.

"Active Energy Manager gives clients a way to understand exactly how much power is being used in their data centers and where it is being consumed," says Rich Lechner, VP for IT optimization for IBM. "Along with being able to cap the energy that powers these systems, this information can help save significant energy and cooling costs and create a greener data center environment."

Last month, PlatformOne announced on Friday it has extended its August 2003 contract with IBM for technology hosting services.

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