MailChimp increases email marketing deliverability rates

MailChimp, a web development company, announces its new email authentication feature to help email marketers increase email deliverability rates. company also offers the new email authentication feature to their customers as a free add-on to their accounts.

Company states that their customers with a mailing list containing 10,000 emails or higher are ideal candidates for using the email authentication feature.

It further states that the feature adds an additional sender's line to email headers to help legitimise emails, thereby reducing the chances your email will look like a "forgery."

Campaigns will pass DKIM, Domain Keys, SenderID, and SPF authentication measures.

"In the past, implementing authentication on your outbound email servers was a huge pain because you had to have access to your DNS servers and upload complicated files for your email marketing campaigns," said Ben Chestnut, Co-Founder of MailChimp.

"Previously, if you did not have the IT staff or an ISP that provided this kind of access, it was nearly impossible to get it done. Now all you have to do is check a little box in MailChimp to turn on email authentication."

"If you have a very large email list, your campaigns are a lot more likely to get blocked or 'throttled' by major ISPs like AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail," said Chestnut.

"In general, Email Authentication makes your emails look a little more trustworthy and we have seen it help MailChimp customers increase their email delivery rates and get past some of the strictest spam filters."

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