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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Easy CGI offers duel PHP support

Web hosting provider Easy CGI announced this week it is offering its shared hosting customers the choice between using PHP 5.2.4 to build new Web pages, or continuing to receive full support for their PHP 4.4.4 Web pages.

Easy CGI says it has added PHP 5.2.4 support for customers who want increased levels of interactivity, greater speed and enhanced usability features. The company is enabling customers to choose either version of PHP on any directories within their websites since legacy PHP scripts may not run on the newest version of PHP.

The Web host says it has done significant testing to ensure that adding PHP 5 support will not negatively affect any of its hosting customers. It also provides customers with a Web-based hosting control panel that enables them to toggle easily between the two PHP versions. By supporting both versions of PHP, Easy CGI says that customers can mix and match different types of Web pages, or gradually migrate their pages from PHP 4 to PHP 5.

"The decision to support both versions represents a departure from industry norms," says Ted Beckwith, VP of Easy CGI. "For most hosting companies, when new versions of applications come out, it becomes a challenge to support current customers while catering to new ones. Easy CGI is able to accommodate both by offering the best of both world's when it comes to PHP."

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