Amendment tabled to delete clause from Digital Economy Bill

Liberal Democrat peer, Tim Clement-Jones has tabled an amendment to the Digital Economy Bill to delete controversial Clause 17 which would allow the Government's Secretary of State (i.e. Peter Mandelson) to change Internet related copyright law in the future without any further debate or scrutiny.

Lord Clement-Jones said:

"This clause would give the Government carte-blanche to change all copyright law relating to the internet as and when they please. Such powers are unnecessary and over-reaching and we have tabled an amendment to delete Clause 17."

Last week's 2nd reading in the House of Lords saw a number of peers raise concerns over Clause 17, leading many to suspect that it will become the sacrificial lamb of the Bill. Lord [Tim] Clement-Jones is Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Culture, Media and Sport in the House of Lords.

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