Smartertools offers DeepMetrix deals

IT management software provider SmarterTools announced on Wednesday it is offering discounts on all new purchases of its SmarterStats 3.x, to every DeepMetrix customer.

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The acquisition of DeepMetrix by Microsoft has led to support for DeepMetrix Web Log Analytic products being discontinued, effective January 31. SmarterTools says it will take this opportunity to help DeepMetrix customers who are seeking a Web Log Analytics solution.

"SmarterStats is the only established, distributed Web Log Analytics product available on the market today," says Jeff Hardy, VP of SmarterTools. "SmarterStats has become the choice among hosting companies due to its effective integration in all major control panels and wide distribution through our partner network.

More importantly, hosting companies are justifiably wary of using services such as GoogleAnalytics and the upcoming Microsoft AdCenter as those companies position themselves to compete in the hosting marketplace."

SmarterStats is designed to enable organizations to stay current with trends and analyse statistics so they can operate their online businesses at full efficiency.

The cost-efficient, enterprise-level application includes detailed reports, a distributed architecture (with the Enterprise Edition) and no database requirements.

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