OLM.Net expands dedicated server offerings

OLM, LLC, a provider of dedicated servers, web hosting and e-business solutions for individuals, small to medium size business, and enterprises, today announced a dramatic expansion of its line of dedicated servers, with now more than 30 different types of servers offered.

It avers that as it shifts its focus to dedicated servers, it will continue to add more features and choices for customers. It adds that all dedicated servers are fully customizable through an online ordering wizard, allowing every aspect of the server—from the processor to the control panel—to be self-designed.

The company declared that its servers are available in Single Core, Dual Core, or Quad Core processor configurations, with both Intel and AMD models offered. In the Quad Core configurations, it recently introduced Intel's latest Clovertown and Harpertown processors, each offering unrivaled performance and reliability.

In addition, all dedicated servers now come with the option of SATA, SCSI, and SAS disk drives, in any standard or RAID configuration. the company also offers KVM over IP, allowing users to completely control their server remotely, using keyboard, video, and mouse access.

It adds that today it has also introduced its new dedicated server reseller program which offers discounts of more than 20% per month to qualified resellers.

"As dedicated servers continue to evolve to become a more integral part of our business, we are making our base plans more customizable, reliable, and competitive in the global hosting market," said Chris Silkman, OLM.net Business Manager.

"Our budget dedicated servers, starting at less than $30 per month, have already smashed records and jumped an important cost hurdle for small businesses. We see our mission-critical higher end offerings as equally important to maintaining OLM.net's role as a flag carrier for this market."

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