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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

ISPs raise concerns over Data Retention proposals

We've just uploaded a new article that includes exclusive comments from several UK based ISPs (Virgin Media, IDNet, Entanet, Quik Internet and Firefly), which have raised concerns about the government’s long-held plans for data retention; specifically the recently proposed 'Communications Data Bill' amendments.

UK telecom operators are already required to keep phone call logs and this will soon (March 2009) be extended to cover Internet data too.

Naturally the government maintains that such logging is necessary for national security and to help combat online crime, although many ISPs have voiced concerns to us about the potential technical, cost and privacy infringing implications of monitoring everybody’s online activity.

While ISPs grapple with the technical and cost dilemmas, consumers will need to decide for themselves whether or not this level of data retention goes too far.

To some it is further evidence for the erosion of UK civil liberties and justice, which appears to be moving away from old doctrines of “innocent until proven guilty”, preferring instead to call you “guilty until you can prove yourself innocent”.

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