Cisco saves US$120k a year by improving data centre

Cisco Systems achieved an estimated saving of US$120,000 per year in energy costs by simulating a data centre using Future Facilities' Virtual Facility simulation methodology.

The simulation results were used to guide the placement of floor grilles and blanking panels that lowered IT equipment inlet temperatures, making it possible to raise the chilled water setpoint by 8ºF.

"The Virtual Facility is the best tool I've seen to tie together cooling, availability and efficiency in one analytic model," said Rob Aldrich, Cisco Principal, Energy Efficiency.

A data centre on Cisco's San Jose campus occupies 7,000 sq ft and is filled with 3202 units of IT equipment, drawing 770 kW. There is 1 MW of total power available and 820 kW of cooling capacity.

The total energy bill for the facility was originally US$1.4 million per year, including US$660,000 per year in cooling energy costs and $707,000 per year in IT equipment energy costs. The facility has been in operation since 1999 with limited considerations for efficient operations.

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