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SmarterTrack releases customer service software

SmarterTools, Inc., an information technology-management software company, announced the release of SmarterTrack 3.x. It states that SmarterTrack has all the features and functionality of a Help Desk, Ticket System, Live Chat, Cost Analysis, Data Mining, Knowledge Base, and Reporting software applications delivered within one web interface.

Unlike products such as LivePerson and Bold Chat which have limited installation options, SmarterTrack can be installed on a dedicated server, VPS, shared hosting environment, and coming soon can be provided monthly in a Software as a Service option, claims the company.

The company believes that SmarterTrack's Ticket and Live Chat System will exceed competing products which are focused on only one objective, and provides administrators and agents the ability to create custom fields to collect information that can assist agents in handling Tickets and Live Chats efficiently.

It adds that Knowledge Base articles are provided to customers through an auto-responder or when they submit tickets in an effort to provide immediate service and reduce overall agent workload.

Further, agents are also provided instantaneous solutions from Knowledge Base articles or previous resolutions, to reduce research time while improving the organizations overall response times.

It addition, managers have access to over 60 Summary, Trend, and Cost Analysis reports to drill into their organization to see what products and services are costing the company the most money and which ones are the most profitable.

Summary and Trend reports can be grouped and filtered in hundreds of different ways to provide the organisation with specific, relevant reports that can be delivered to individuals, teams, and executives on any schedule required, avers the company.

"Companies require choice and flexibility in any Customer Service solution they choose," said Tim Uzzanti, CEO of SmarterTools. "Having the ability to fully customise the SmarterTrack interfaces, access internal and external databases, and define service levels is vital.

But so is having the option of installing and using their software when, where, and how they want to as their business grows and adapts to the demands of their market. SmarterTrack does not impose limitations; it empowers organisations to exceed them."

"SmarterTrack has been one of the most anticipated releases in our history," continued Mr. Uzzanti. "Up until now, companies might have been required to purchase several applications and add-ons to accomplish all of this functionality.

SmarterTrack delivers a complete solution in one cost-effective application—giving small businesses and large organizations equal access to world-class Customer Service Software."

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