CrystalTech Web Hosting deploys Diskeeper for maximum uptime

Diskeeper Corporation announced a new case study today which reveals how Diskeeper® assists CrystalTech web hosting to deliver 24/7/365 reliability for its dedicated and internal servers. As one of the first Microsoft® Windows® Shared Hosting Specialists, CrystalTech Web Hosting has grown to be one of the largest and best-known web hosting companies in the world. “We needed to maintain server uptime to maintain customer loyalty and customer satisfaction,” said Jonathan Thompson, Server Operations Manager of CrystalTech. “Diskeeper was one of those core applications we implemented to do that.” Diskeeper is the only defragmentation product CrystalTech has found that can operate in its high stressed environment with little to no impact on the servers. Diskeeper’s introduction of InvisiTasking™ bolstered its competitive edge in CrystalTech’s annual tests, furthering the company’s ability to keep servers running efficiently during the defragmentation process. InvisiTasking performs defragmentation as a background task, using only idle system resources to defrag files in real time, with no interruption to service. “Diskeeper has the lowest impact on system performance of any application we use, and has provided a much greater ROI than any other maintenance application we have on our servers,” said Thompson. Source:

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