Hostway unveils content delivery upgrades

Web hosting, managed technology and online services company, Hostway Corporation, has launched a content delivery network (CDN) that intelligently routes user web traffic to the closest geographically located server.

Hostway aims to improve user experience of the Internet by directing traffic to its customer websites to the nearest, and consequently best-performing web server.

By using a number of Foundry ServerIron 4G switches, Hostway can route users to the server nearest to their location, ensuring that content is tailored to the user’s location and providing valuable business continuity and redirection services.

David Foxley, Enterprise Technology Manager, Hostway UK noted, ”Almost all large companies have their website accessible on a number of servers around the world, but traffic to these servers is rarely intelligently routed.

For example, British customers logging onto a global concert ticketing site could be delayed by waiting for data to travel across the transatlantic link, instead of being redirected to the UK site, which might mean that customers do not get the seats they want, or worse still, miss out on a certain gig date.”

With increasing numbers of companies storing large images, videos and other rich content on their websites, it is important that they load as quickly as possible and do not have a negative effect on user experience.

Accessing a website in Sydney from a PC in London, for example, can have a considerable effect on how quickly images load. By using the CDN, Hostway can ensure that all content loads as quickly as possible, by storing it as close to the user as possible.

The CDN can also detect whether any of the servers in the network have failed, and redirect users to the next best performing server, giving companies the assurance that even in the event of server failure, their users will still have the best possible experience, providing a level of business continuity.

Mr. Foxley added, ”Although broadband speeds are accelerating, user experience is frequently far from optimal. However, this isn’t always down to connection speed - a great deal depends on the hosting environment and website itself.

By introducing the content delivery network, we hope to give our customers a competitive edge by ensuring that their websites always load as quickly as possible and provide the best possible experience.”

Founded in 1998, Hostway Corporation is one of the three largest web hosting companies in the world with a direct presence in 11 countries, 15 worldwide operation centres, and more than 700 employees.

Serving customers both small and large, Hostway combines best of breed hosting infrastructure with online tools to help customers broaden reach and grow businesses online.

Hostway offers a wide range of managed hosting services ranging from Windows and Linux based shared hosting plans, to complete dedicated server and Enterprise managed solutions to now over 600,000 customers worldwide.

Hostway franchises include - Affinity Internet, Bigstep, DiscountDomains, Hostway UK, Hostway Netherlands, Hostway Korea, Hostway Australia, Hostway Denmark, NetNation, PowerMedium, RegistryPro, Server Service, Service Over Internet, ValueWeb and WinSave.

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