Internet piracy concerns switch to streaming sites

The recent debate between UK ISP's, the creative industry and government has predominantly focused on illegal File Sharing (Peer-2-Peer) abuse. However, while this may be the most prevalent form of accessing pirated music and movies, it is not the only way.

SkyNews has this morning highlighted how a new breed of high-speed websites make watching a pirated movie as easy as opening an email, streaming the film directly to your computer via YouTube style technology:

Industry figures show last year almost 47 million streams were watched online. It meant digital piracy went up 20% costing the industry over £150m. "It's a big problem," says Eddy Leviten from the Federation Against Copyright Theft, the copyright police for the film industry in the UK.

"We've certainly noticed a big upsurge in streaming sites in the last two years. We've increased our internet enforcement capabilities by a huge amount to deal with this kind of activity. But of course as quickly as we close some sites down, more spring up."

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