ICANN releases new toolkit

ICANN, last week announced the release of a new toolkit for website designers and software application developers so that new top-level domains created since 2001 are recognised in software and online applications. The code released by ICANN can be inserted into existing programs or applications, and it will automatically check the validity of an email address or URL against the authoritative DNS data, known as the 'root-zone'. Once installed, no additional updates are necessary. Any changes will be automatically noted by the program, claims ICANN. "It wasn't so long ago that .com and .net – the last bit of a domain name – were largely the only options for Internet users. Now, in addition to more than 240 country code TLDs, there are also .aero, .biz, .cat, .coop, .info, .jobs, .mobi, .museum, .name, .pro, .tel, .travel. Another, .asia, is expected to be added shortly," said Kim Davies, the Technical Liaison for the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, who helped design the toolkit. IANA is a function performed by ICANN. "This choice is a good thing but some users of these new domains have had problems using e-commerce and other websites that don't recognise some new top-level domains. That means email and website addresses from some of these TLDs get rejected as invalid," said Davies. Source: Web Hosting Info

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