Topline Ventures launches CM4all WebsiteCreator

CM4all, a developer of web-based applications, today announced that Topline Ventures has officially launched the latest CM4all Business Edition as a core product of their site building services.

The company says that since 2001, the software-as-a-service (SaaS) company Topline Ventures has been providing independent site builder applications to Hosts, ISPs, Registrars and Website Designers.

It claims that Topline Ventures markets the CM4all WebsiteCreator Business Edition as one of their main site building services to their North American customers; small and medium sized hosting companies.

This service gives those companies, who may not be able to directly license the CM4all WebsiteCreator from the manufacturer, the opportunity to provide this suite building tool to their own customer base.

The company adds that Topline Ventures operates on a private-labelled model. All applications are delivered in the name of the Service Provider to provide maximum brand value to their customers.

The integration and CSS-based re-branding capabilities of the CM4all WebsiteCreator made it possible for each host to receive their own dedicated GUI through its customisable User Interface.

It further articulates that the CM4all WebsiteCreator Business Edition allows customers of Topline Ventures to provide their end users with a building tool to create professional-looking websites with features such as flash intro with preloaded templates and integrated flash editor, premium maps with route planner and database module.

Furthermore, the latest version of the software has an e-commerce functionality such as an Online-Shop with PayPal connection, corporate multimedia broadcast power through the updated Business Media Albums and a new Business Blog, as well as the ability to simultaneously publish HTML, .mobi and W3C Accessibility format pages in easy and intuitive steps.

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