LeaseWeb deploys Cisco CRS-1

LeaseWeb, a hosting provider, announced that it is set to restructure its global hosting network. The company states that the acquisition of two Cisco CRS-1s makes the network infrastructure more hierarchical and scaleable and enables a bandwidth capacity increase to 1900 Gigabits per second.

The company believes that the two CRS-1s will have a vital role in the new hosting network. In the near future, they will play a central part in connecting all data centers in company's network to the outside world.

The company says that it opted for two machines because this offers the ultimate uptime guarantee. It also allows them to safeguard its service level agreements with customers to an even greater degree.

In addition the company explained that CRS-1s are geographically separated in different data centers. The existing sixteen Catalyst 6500 switches will have to relinquish their central role and only transport the Internet traffic of customers internal to the hosting network.

It makes their network more hierarchical with fewer cross-connections, which yields great benefits in terms of network management.

"I am happy that LeaseWeb, an internationally successful hosting provider, has opted for Cisco's CRS-1," says Coks Stoffer, the CEO of Cisco Netherlands. "The demand for bandwidth is growing very quickly at LeaseWeb.

The CRS-1 and the associated new network design for LeaseWeb will enable them to accommodate the predicted growth of their Internet traffic. As a result, LeaseWeb customers can be sure that the growth potential, in terms of bandwidth, will be huge in years to come."

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