China hosts most malware, says study

Security firm Sophos released in its August report that China has the most compromised web pages serving up malware. Of the 8 billion web pages examined, Sophos says China and Hong Kong were the largest source of web pages hosting malicious code, with an infection rate of 44.8 percent.

The US was second with 20.8 percent and Russia third with 11.3 percent. IFrame, an HTML element that embeds another HTML document inside the main document, has been determined as the top Web-based threat making up 47.8 percent of the vulnerabilities found by the security firm.

Senior security analyst for Sophos, Ron O'Brien, says this is an improvement for China over July statistics, which revealed a 53.9 percent infection rate. He says China has been responsive to the study and has attempted to clean up as many of its computers as it could.

O'Brien says he doesn't attribute China's high infection rate to malicious intent and believes that many websites serving malware are likely doing so unknowingly. He says the problem likely stems from China's rapid technological and economical growth paired with the lack of online security measures.

Last month, Sophos released a report that said the number of Web pages infected with malicious code has spread nearly six-fold since the beginning of this year.

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