Logicworks buys Carbon Offsets

Riding on the wave of all the "green" hosting news that was released this week because of Earth Day on Tuesday, managed hosting provider Logicworks announced that it has launched a new "eco-friendly" carbon offset program through a deal signed with TerraPass, a company that calls itself a "leading consumer retailer and marketer of greenhouse gas reduction offsets and consumer energy efficiency products."

Effective immediately, Logicworks says it will provide customers with a way to balance out the carbon dioxide emissions generated from the data centers though which it delivers its complex hosting and managed database services.

"TerraPass provides a simple and effective way for us to act immediately on climate change," says Carter Burden, founder and CEO of Logicworks. "Data centers are one of the fastest-growing contributors to carbon emissions worldwide.

The growth of the Internet and corresponding processing requirements will continue to vastly outpace any gains in power efficiency made by hardware manufacturers. Supporting the development of clean power through our partnership with TerraPass allows us to be good citizens of the planet without having to curtail the growth of our business."

As progressive and "green" as it seems for companies to purchase credits to offset their carbon output, some are beginning to find carbon offset purchases to be a questionable "green" option and see it more as a publicity stunt than an actual dedication to protect the environment.

One of the biggest issues seems to be that there is a lack of clear standards in the carbon-offset market, which could be partially remedied by more offsets being endorsed by third-party certification services.

TerraPass funds clean energy and efficiency projects throughout the US including wind power, farm power, and landfill gas capture and says that every TerraPass offset purchase is verified against industry leading standards by an independent third party.

In this case, it is screened by Coop America, a non-profit organisation providing economic strategies, organizing power and practicing tools for businesses and individuals to address today's social and environmental problems.

Logicworks says this partnership is the latest initiative in its sustainability platform and the company already has several energy conservation activities in practice.

Logicworks' new 14,000 square foot office in New York City integrates an eco-friendly design to maximise the use of natural light, live plants, and a range of recycled and environmentally-friendly materials. Logicworks also transports its employees and servers between data centers using only hybrid vehicles.

Last month, Logicworks launched its new Channel Partner Program.

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