CA Technologies Releases ecoSoftware 2.0

CA Technologies has released its ecoSoftware 2.0 suite, which the firm claimed will help organisations comply with energy consumption and waste regulations while reducing costs.

EcoSoftware 2.0 features enhanced reporting and forecasting capabilities. The reporting framework allows users to pre-populate standard reports in one click, reducing the time taken to generate the reports.

The product also includes improvements for CA's SaaS sustainability and carbon ecoGovernance product and its ecoMeter energy management software.

Companies will be able to meet the requirements of the Carbon Reduction Commitment more efficiently using the ecoGovernance 2.0, the firm said, with enhanced forecasting and scenario modelling helping managers to review outcomes and fine-tune investment levels.

A multi-currency dashboard also allows users to record data in local metric units or currency, and then convert it to a single measurement to have consistent figures globally.

The ecoMeter 2.0 could improve energy management with real-time data integration, and can calculate metrics over different periods of time, according to CA. The software automatically discovers devices from which it can gather information.

Sonny Masero, vice president for ecoSoftware EMEA at CA, said that the new offering will better integrate the ecoMeter and ecoGovernance products which are part the ecoSoftware 2.0 suite, and crucially help bridge the gap between IT and facilities departments.

Masero explained that businesses want to cut energy and HR costs, comply with increasing regulations and communicate goals internally and externally.

"Companies need to respond to questions about environmental performance throughout the year, not just annually," he said.

Andy Lawrence, research director for eco-efficient IT at the 451 Group, suggested that CA had put a lot of thought and effort into the product.

He argued that, while the two products have been packaged together in the ecoSoftware suite, they target the sustainability and datacentre markets, both of which are in their infancy.

"CA has a strong advantage over competitors as it has a strong presence in the datacentre market," Lawrence said.

"The analytic and reporting aspect is good, the architecture is robust and the product is certified unlike some others. CA is also a leading vendor, but it remains to be seen which vendor has the best approach."

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