Mobile broadband (3G) to generate £200m by 2012

The latest Informa Telecoms & Media estimates suggest that Mobile Broadband (3G) Internet access services will generate roughly £200m by 2012.

HSPA (High-Speed Packet Access) technology, which offers speeds of up to 14Mbps over 3G mobile phone networks, is expected to lead the charge. Other technologies, such as EV-DO (1x Evolution-Data Optimised) and Mobile WiMax, will trail behind.

Interestingly EV-DO is expected to have the most subscribers by the end of 2007 but can expect to be overtaken by HSPA come 2009. China's TD-SCDMA standard is also expected to grab 50 million or so subscribers by 2012.

Predicting what comes after 2012 is a difficult game although Informa's bets appear to rest with Mobile WiMax. However the next-generation of HSPA style technology, LTE (Long Term Evolution), may ultimately eclipse that.

Finally, there were 200 million mobile broadband subscribers at the end of June 2007, with roughly 25% of that figure using their access via Laptops and other devices (not just handsets).

Mobile Broadband may ultimately become the dominant global broadband platform by 2011. We look forward to that.

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