Businesses forced to wait for faster broadband

Ian Fogg, a senior broadband analyst at Jupiter Research, has warned that BT's launch of 'up to' 24Mbps ADSL2+ (21CN/WBC) broadband technology next week could run into trouble with businesses.

BT has already released the first ADSL2+ activation dates for 868 telephone exchanges, though it will take until 2012 before the full nationwide rollout can complete. Fogg fears that this delay, coupled to concerns over higher prices and limited ISP adoption, could hamper its uptake:

"How the wholesale prices of the ADSL2+ service compares against old ones will determine how fast ISPs make it available, and, in turn how affordable it will be for small businesses.

ISPs could take six months to a year to take on new products, and so there could be a delay between the availability of fast broadband from BT Wholesale and the availability to small businesses."

The ComputerWeekly report claims that most businesses prefer not to use the more expensive SDSL broadband technologies, with many adopting cheaper consumer ADSL (up to 8Mbps) equivalents.

However, while ADSL2+ may improve speeds, recent tests have shown that the headline theoretical rate of 24Mbps is unlikely to be achieved by anybody; 16Mbps is a more probable launch maximum.

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