UK businesses must unlock capital invested in IT systems

Despite research predicting a 3% contraction in the UK economy in 2009 and business failures up 59% on last year, the survival of UK businesses lies in their own hands, particularly if they still take practical measures such as driving far greater productivity from their existing IT systems, according to Centiq, an IT services provider focused on the data centre. The company says organisations that take practical action to discover their IT infrastructure's 'hidden capabilities' will markedly improve the performance of their business systems and transform their cost efficiencies - without embarking on new capital expenditure.

Centiq believes that despite having expanded their IT systems in the good years, many companies have failed to set up system assessments to optimise the investment made and to drive out operating expense despite tougher economic conditions.Glyn Heath, Centiq CEO, said: "Many chief executives are trying to find ways to reduce their cost of service or boost return on capital employed but many still don't know what is 'under the bonnet' of their IT system when getting better value from it is now a top priority."

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