O2 to launch bundled broadband packages

Mobile operator O2 should finally get around to launching its much delayed broadband packages this month. The service was put back to October during July this year and had been delayed several times before, mostly due to problems with limited coverage.

O2 plans to base its broadband service on the 'up to' 24Mbps ADSL2+ technology operated by UK ISP 'Be Unlimited', which was acquired by the mobile giant last year. The service will launch into a somewhat saturated market and will need to undercut several well established rivals to stand any chance of success.

Precise details of what it plans to offer are not yet known, although a piece in yesterdays 'Mail on Sunday' newspaper hinted at a bundled package called 'fourplay' (we're sure somebody had fun coming up with that name). However O2 currently only operates a mobile phone service, yet the name suggests a quad play option (TV, broadband, voice and mobile).

O2’s Broadband page already hints at lower costs for existing monthly contract based mobile phone customers, though there are no details surrounding any potential TV choices and true quad play would require land line rental too. The service could go live as early as this week.

No doubt customers of 'Be Unlimited' will also be paying attention as any sudden influx of customers from a well known brand could cause a degree of service deterioration.

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