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Fast4 & EurISP embroiled in broadband migration spat

Small UK ISP Fast4 has become embroiled in yet another dispute with one of its broadband suppliers, EurISP, after it attempted to migrate customers onto a new platform supplied by MurphX.

It's understood that the ISP requested migration codes (MACs) for all its customers from EurISP over 15 days ago, yet a series of problems at EurISP's end has reportedly limited Fast4's access to the MACs.

Fast4s CEO, Steve Kaye, has issued the following statement to ISPreview and believes that the situation exposes a serious loophole in Ofcom's GC22 migration code rules:

”We requested our MAC codes and immediately cleared all outstanding invoices with EurISP. At this point we were given a web page to generate our own MAC codes. Over the following 5 days this was offline more times than on and kept being taken away for ‘coding errors’.

At the end of every day at 5pm the page disappears and is not usable again until 9am the following morning. After the fifth day of this conduct I contact Ofcom and spoke with one of the business to business managers who stated that to his knowledge the wholesaler was meant to supply the MAC codes within the 5 days as per GC 22.

After not hearing from Ofcom again for 2 further days I contacted them again only to be told that because EurISP had given Fast4 access to generate MAC codes that indeed complied with GC 22. The ‘grey’ area was whether the published code actually meant that they had to give Fast4 access or actually supply the codes themselves.”

Steve continued, "Again the supplied web page was changed and now takes 4 – 5 minutes to generate a single MAC. If we try and do any subsequent requests within that timeframe we receive a page error. In the meantime EurISP have continued with playground antics by releasing all the fixed IP addresses issued, capping speeds and randomly disconnecting customers.

We have had endless bad publicity over the past year about our service being so unreliable; we have suffered the fate of a terrible network at the hands of a handful of people who have no customer experience at all. I think this is a disgusting show of professionalism and the only people to suffer are the end users.

Ofcom created this regulation to put down a clear cut road map of how this exact procedure should be handled and yet when someone does not comply with it they simply ignore it and question their own procedures. This will spread around this industry very quickly and more and more loopholes will be exploited if Ofcom allow this sort of behaviour to continue.

I send my deepest apologies to my customers who have had enough of this shocking behaviour over the last 6 months and hope that they will bear with us whilst we get each and every customer moved to a better provider with a proven record for customer service and network stability.”

The news relates to an earlier article this week in which the ISP announced the replacement of its controversial "unlimited" broadband product (EurISP) with a new series of capped packages (MurphX) - here. Fast4s CEO claims that "endless months of unsatisfactory service from Eurisp" have contributed towards its decision to migrate:

"The final straw was when, in December 2007, EurISP tried forcing numerous contract changes onto Fast4 which was designed to change every part of the way Fast4 could, and have, been trading."

It is not presently known precisely how many of the ISPs customers have been cut-off and left in limbo, although Fast4 is known to have several thousand users on the EurISP platform.

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