Fast4 ISP Comments On Broadband Congestion

The CEO of ISP Fast4, Steve Kaye, has issued a quick status update regarding the broadband congestion problems that have been experienced by some of the provider’s customers:

For the past couple of weeks a minority or Fast4 broadband customers have seen ping speeds getting higher and higher and surfing the web getting slower and slower. Many thanks to all that have helped us find out what or who is at fault. We are now able to identify that our wholesale supplier has hit a congestion limit on one of their adsl pipes.

We have been in discussion with them now over this and an immediate call to action has been ordered.

I apologise if this is causing problems for some of our valued customer base and I am sure that we will get this rectified now within a few days. As a quick get around I am told that if you do encounter slow speeds, simply to disconnect and then reconnect and hopefully you will find yourself using one of the other adsl pipes in service that is not having this problem.

I am told that the wholesaler in question is today meeting with their supplier and a resolve will be worked out. As soon as I have a definitive answer I will post it for all to see.

Customers should take note that disconnecting and reconnecting from an 8Mbps ADSL Max line too many times could also cause your profile speeds to drop, such is the nature of BT’s Max technology.

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