UK broadband users dissatisfied with their ISP's customer su

The results from 450 respondents to our latest survey reveal that just under 36.6% thought their ISPs telephone based customer support was GOOD, which dropped to just 27.5% for email support. Readers sighted "unhelpful replies" (45.7%) as being the most frustrating aspect of their ISPs support, while fewer felt that "slow or no replies at all" (29.7%) or "costly voice calls" (24.4%) were bigger frustrations.

How good is your ISPs telephone support?

Good - 36.6%

Poor - 28.4%

I've never used it - 18.2%

Average - 16.6%

How good is their email support?

I've never used it - 31.5%

Good - 27.5%

Poor - 24.2%

Average - 16.6%

How good are their website help pages?

Average - 41.7%

Good - 35.3%

Poor - 22.8%

What would frustrate you most about support?

Unhelpful replies - 45.7%

Slow or no replies - 29.7%

Costly voice calls - 24.4%

Total Votes: 450

There was a time when ISPs put just as much effort into their customer support quality as they did with the Internet connection service itself. These days the culture of big ISPs outsourcing vital support departments overseas, where staff often appear to do little more than read from a script of possible solutions, has triggered an apparent dumbing down of quality.

This month's new survey asks about satisfaction with broadband speeds.

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