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BBC Watchdog publishes Broadband survey results

The results are in and we finally get to see how customers voted in the BBC's consumer affairs 'Watchdog' TV programme . Though far from scientific, some 50,000 people offered up an opinion on their respective ISP's: We asked Watchdog viewers to rate their broadband provider on customer service, ease of set-up, cancellation, value for money, and reliability of service. The results aren't presented as a scientific statistical survey, but a unique snapshot of the personal opinions of the 50,000 viewers who chose to take part. As such, it isn't intended to represent the views of Watchdog or the BBC's view of any of the companies, or their current performance. For the purposes of this survey, Virgin, NTL and Telewest were treated separately, as the companies had only just merged and it was too early to assess the new company's performance. Our overall ranking is based on the total volume of votes cast, meaning the companies that came out best and worst are shown in tables one and two. Respondents were asked whether they were either: extremely unsatisfied (1), unsatisfied (2), satisfied (3) or extremely satisfied (4). It's worth pointing out that some notable providers were not included in the voting choices (Be, Vodafone etc.). Elsewhere Watchdog has split the results into several different list types, but we'll just paste their 'PROPORTIONAL SATISFACTION RANKING' below: This table lists all of the companies surveyed according to the proportion of 'satisfied' or 'extremely satisfied' votes. The total number of these 'satisfied' votes for each company was worked out as a percentage of the total number of people who responded about that company. The companies are listed in order of satisfaction. 1. Global - 95% 2. Waitrose - 94% 3. Zen - 93% 4. Madasafish - 91% 5. Metronet - 90% 6. Nildram - 86% 7. Telewest - 85% 8. Freedom2Surf - 82% 9. Tesco - 80% 10. Demon - 77% 11. Eclipse - 76% 12. Virgin - 74% 13. NTL - 73% 14. Supanet - 72% 15. Plusnet - 70% 15. UK_Online - 70% 17. AOL_Europe - 69% 17. Force 9 - 69% 19. One.Tel - 66% 20. BT - 64% 21. Homecall - 62% 22. Pipex - 59% 23. Tiscali - 53% 24. ToucanSurf - 52% 25. Sky - 49% 26. TalkTalk - 47% 27. Orange - 42% 28. Bulldog - 37% 29. Biscit - 23% Nobody will be surprised by Biscit's presence at the bottom, although we would have expected NTL to be further down and Orange to be a little further up. It's worth pointing out that most of the top providers are smaller ISP's. Source: ISP Review No responsibility can be taken for the content of external Internet sites.

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