Barclaycard website down for two days

Barclaycard customers have been left unable to log into the credit card banking site because of "high demand" for its service.

Several customers notified ComputerworldUK that the website appeared to be down. One customer was told by Barclaycard's customer service team, based in Bangalore that the site would be down for another 24 hours. Attempts by the Computerworld UK team to log on to the site resulted in an error message.

A spokesperson from Barclaycard was unable to confirm how long the issues would continue, but admitted the site had "experienced problems" on Monday and Tuesday this week.

The issues were resolved on Wednesday, said Barclaycard, but the the site was struggling again today due to the "unusual amount of demand for service at the moment".

Barclaycard has this month been migrating 1.7 million Goldfish customers onto its services, after the bank purchased the credit card business in February.

Under the £35 million deal, Barclays acquired the card portfolio, its operating facilities and its UK staff from Discover Financial Services. But the Barclaycard spokesperson was unable to confirm if this migration of customers had contributed to the outage.

The bank was unable to provide more technical details at the time of writing.

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