GoDaddy hit with denial-of-service attack

Domain registrar and hosting company The Go Daddy Group Inc. was hit with "significant and sustained" distributed denial-of-service attacks Sunday, the company said. The attacks caused four to five hours of intermittent disruptions to services, including hosting and email, said Neil Warner,'s chief information security officer, in an email forwarded by the company's public relations department. The services were back by later in the day. The problems were not caused by GoDaddy's response to the U.S. early switch to daylight-saving time (DST), Warner said. On Friday, one customer expressed concerns that GoDaddy would not be ready for the switch Sunday after the company's technical support team told him it didn't need to install DST patches because its servers are in Arizona, which does not observe DST. "With regard to DST, GoDaddy has been engaged in preparation and patching and worked closely with our vendors for some time leading up to the DST change," Warner said in his email, reiterating a statement he made on Friday, after the IDG News Service asked the company about the customer's concern. GoDaddy has made "significant" investments to protect against attacks, he added. Its security teams will analyze the attacks to "identify additional defence mechanisms that can be used," Warner said. Source: Computer World No responsibility can be taken for the content of external Internet sites.

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