AtMail launches AtMail Cluster Edition

AtMail, a provider of Linux-based email management appliances and software, today announced the availability of AtMail Cluster Edition, a new web-based solution for monitoring and managing multiple email servers remotely.

The company avers that AtMail Cluster will help enterprise organisations and hosting firms quickly respond to potential interruptions in email service by allowing them to detect problems and provision back-up servers from any web browser.

It explains that AtMail Cluster allows end-users to view the status of and change email servers through a web-based graphic interface.

Users can add and remove servers from the cluster, start and stop services, change which system is the primary backend, change primary backup systems and quickly revert from a backup. The module has the ability to manage an unlimited number of servers, and new servers can be added easily.

"For large-scale mailserver implementations, where delivery volume and resource usage are very dynamic, multiple servers working in concert are required to avoid denial of service -- accidental or intentional," said Corey Bissaillon, VP for AtMail. "AtMail Cluster Edition allows multiple AtMail servers and dedicated database servers to be set up for redundancy and failover."

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