SoftLayer launches API 3.0

SoftLayer, a web hosting and on-demand datacenter services provider, launched its Application Protocol Interface 3.0, an enhanced version of the industry's first open source API.

The company states that API 3.0 provides system-to-system access to more than 100 backend functions also available through their proprietary, industry-leading Customer Portal.

They claim that it can securely connect any system regardless of device or location—even mobile devices such as a RIM Blackberry or Apple iPhone—via their 'network-within-a-network' private network topology.

Its improvements over the previous generation include highly-integrated, object-oriented approach, greater .NET, Java, and Ruby on Rails compatibility and deeper integration with SoftLayer's core Portal SOA design.

The company declares that API 3.0 is available at no cost to all SoftLayer customers. Anyone with a connection to the private network, either directly connected through their SoftLayer server or logged in remotely through a VPN, may use API-based applications.

"SoftLayer is committed to giving customers more access and power. And that's exactly what the API is all about," said Nathan Day, Chief Technology Officer for SoftLayer.

"By directly integrating their systems with the SoftLayer infrastructure, customers have seamless control of their Hardware, Applications, and Services. They can eliminate layers of management systems and radically simplify their operations."

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