Apache emulator for Microsoft IIS, Ape 3.0, released

Helicon Tech has released an update to its Apache emulator for Microsoft IIS, Ape, 3.0, which implements Apache's runtime environment with all most demanded modules and direct .htaccess support, inside IIS. Now it can be used free of charge on up to three websites on a server.

Packed in a single IIS add-on, the emulator implements Apache configuration model (with httpd.conf and .htaccess configuration files) and over 30 most demanded Apache modules, enabling users to transfer their websites from Apache to IIS without modifications, configure Perl, PHP and other Unix-oriented web applications for IIS with the same ease as if they were to run in their native Apache environment. Apache-compatible URL rewriting, flexible user permissions control, forward and reverse proxy functionality, compression and cache functions, comprehensive protection from malicious activities - these are the benefits available to users running IIS with Ape.

"This looks like a very cool module for those who want to 'emulate' Apache's runtime environment, including more than a dozen modules, as well as direct .htaccess support, inside IIS! It takes full advantage of the integrated pipeline of IIS7, by providing a managed code module that extends IIS7's core processing pipeline and provides semantic emulation of some very popular Apache features!" says Bill Staples, General Manager of the Web Platform and Tools engineering team at Microsoft.

Ape works transparently to the server and client and can be installed even on a shared hosting account without the administrative access. System Requirements: Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 or Windows 7 with IIS installed.

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