Apache Software Foundation Turns 10

The Apache Sotware Foundation (www.apache.org), the group responsible for developing and stewarding a set of community driven open source projects that includes the Apache web server software, announced this week that it has reached its 10th anniversary.

The announcement was made at ApacheCon (www.apachecon.com) in Europe, the official user and developer conference for the Apache web server project.

ASF says the products developed under its auspices benefit millions of users, with thousands of software solutions available under the Apache License distributed in both open source and proprietary products.

"The Foundation supports the incubation and development of enterprise-grade, freely available software while minimizing potential legal exposure of intellectual property and financial contributions," says the press release announcing the anniversary.

According to the March 2009 Web Server Survey conducted by research group Netcraft (www.netcraft.com) approximately 104 million sites are hosted on the Apache web server, which equates to roughly 46.35 percent of all sites.

According to Wednesday's announcement, the all-volunteer, non-profit Apache Software Foundation evolved from a group of eight developers known as "the Apache Group," which managed the development of the original Apache web server. The organization now includes more than 300 individual members and "over 2,000 committers" worldwide.

The group says it continues to grow and help the global open source community, operating hundreds of mailing lists, managing thousands of bug fixes and lines of code and conducting community outreach and mentoring projects. The foundation is funded by individual private donations and corporate sponsors.

To commemorate its 10th anniversary, the Foundation will highlight a variety of projects over the course of the year.

ApacheCon US, which is scheduled for November 2 to 6, 2009 in Oakland, California, will see the culmination of the ongoing celebrations.

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