Elastic Beanstalk Offers Simplifies Apps on Amazon

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has lowered the barrier to entry for its cloud hosting services in a bid to attract more developers.

The new Elastic Beanstalk offering is described as an easy way for developers to deploy and manage hosted applications.

Developers need only to upload their application, and the Elastic Beanstalk will provide capacity provisioning, load balancing, auto-scaling and application health monitoring, according to AWS.

Despite having surrendered so much of the running of the applications, developers still retain full control, the firm added.

"Elastic Beanstalk is easy to begin and impossible to outgrow," said Adam Selipsky, vice president of AWS.

"It automatically scales up or down as needed, and developers don't need to worry about the configuration required to set up their infrastructure on AWS."

Elastic Beanstalk includes Amazon EC2, S3, Elastic Load Balancing and Auto-scaling, while customisation, provisioning and deployment is carried out behind the scenes.

"We had been grappling with how to simplify application deployment and management on AWS without removing the flexibility and control our customers have come to expect," said Selipsky.

"Once we started exploring the mental model of customers being able to 'open the hood' to tinker with the infrastructure management themselves, a light bulb went off and we realised we didn't have to make this 'either/or' decision.

He added that customers can now choose to have "as much automation or as much control as they wish".

Elastic Beanstalk is available now for use by Java developers.

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