Zanadoo offers alternative to dedicated server

Zanadoo, a web hosting provider, today announced that it has introduced the Virtual Private Server, as an efficient, lower cost alternative for clients who need a dedicated server, but don't want to incur the high costs associated with the environment, and don't want to require someone to be on site to physically make changes at the data center.

Additionally, since the server is virtual, the company states that the customer can re-install the operating system through a Web-based control panel at any time in a matter of three minutes.

Since multiple customers are on a single physical VPS server, customers get benefits such as RAID 10 and high amounts of ram that would cost around $1,000 per month for a dedicated server.

"Dedicated servers typically cost $100 per month," explains John Rodriguez, vice president of Zanadoo. "However, a dedicated server provides the necessary performance and privacy to larger web sites or customers who need a dedicated server.

On a dedicated server, if the customer wants to re-install the operating system, someone physically has to go to the data center and install the operating system for them. That's a drawback that a lot of companies don't want."

"This is not at all like shared hosting though," stressed Rodriguez. "Shared hosting allows multiple Web sites -- usually 100 to 1,000 -- to share one physical server and open themselves up for an attack against another site, which can cause problems with an unrelated site.

VPS allows multiple dedicated environments to get placed on a single server. The customer gets root access and can install any software they want and also get the power of a dedicated server. It's completely different from shared hosting."

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