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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

DPAir Corp Launches 'Go Green' Initiative

DPAir, the premier provider of data center design, installation and maintenance services throughout the western United States, announced its "Go Green" Environmental Data Center program to design the highest-level of energy efficiency available in data centers today and into the future.

For companies seeking to reduce energy demands and lower energy costs in their data centers, Evdokimo recommends the following 'Go Green' tips:

* Utilize Proper Insulation in the Data Center -- Use maximum insulation in the floors, ceiling and walls, with a minimum rating of R-45.

* Install a Correct Vapor Seal -- Vapor seal all exterior walls, ceilings and floors. Pre-condition make up air before it enters the room.

* Check air conditioning systems -- Ensure all air conditioning equipment is operating at 100 percent efficiency.

* Air Balance Raised Floors Correctly -- If data center equipment is located more on one side of the room than the other or if the heat load is concentrated in one area, the units could be out of balance. It's important to balance air flow to allow the air conditioning units to operate efficiently.

* Maintain Correct Temperature -- Maintain uniform temperature and humidity throughout the data center.

* Utilize Efficient Lighting -- Use high efficiency lighting to reduce energy and maintenance costs.

DPAir has provided environmentally efficient data center designs for companies such as UnitedLayer, and other Fortune 500 companies across the nation.

"DPAir is committed to designing, building and maintaining data centers that are environmentally-friendly. Our "Go Green" initiatives focus on ensuring data centers are energy efficient, not energy hogs ," said Arnie Evdokimo, president and CEO of DPAir Corp. "An increasing number of companies find themselves spending more on utility bills than on new equipment like servers, storage and blades that are more energy efficient.

With no end in sight to environmental issues and rising energy costs, it is time to make energy efficient data center projects top-of-mind. DPAir recommends environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient initiatives with every data center we design. Not only is this the right thing for our environment, but it also saves our clients a substantial sum of money which could lead to millions of dollars in savings in the long-run."

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