UK travellers take the internet with them

A recent survey revealed that over a third (40%) of all UK travellers are unable to completely switch off, regularly using the Internet whilst abroad:

The survey was commissioned by the ‘While in Egypt Stay Connected’ (WIESC) project for United States Agency for International Development (USAID), which creates metropolitan wireless networks in Egypt and is helping the country’s Internet infrastructure to be on par with that of other tourist destinations.

The survey also revealed that the key users of the internet whilst abroad is the 21-35 year age group, stating that the main purpose for both sexes logging on is to check and send personal emails. However, a greater number of men than women tend to check their work emails while on holiday, with women tending to use the internet to book day trips and research the destination.

The survey of UK adults, carried out by OnePoll, has identified a growing trend among the over-50s to get connected to the internet. The ‘silver surfer’ generation emerged as the age group who used the internet abroad more on a daily basis than any other age group, logging on to stay in touch with loved ones: checking and sending personal emails and uploading photos and ‘blogs’.

Personally we always try to leave such things behind; after all it's not really a holiday if you can't escape from work. Naturally business trips are the complete opposite, with Internet access having become essential.

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