Tiscali reveals 2008-2012 growth plan

Tiscali's Board of Directors has agreed a new strategic plan for growth between 2008 and 2012, which will see the ISP putting even greater focus on its UK and Italian divisions.

In the UK Tiscali hopes to increase its rollout of unbundled (LLU) exchanges from 1,000 sites in 2008 (740 of which IPTV enabled) to 1,100 sites in 2009 (covering 17 million lines):

The product positioning will be maintained on the double play offers (voice and data) with high capacity and at competitive prices, with an offer also covering IPTV services, already available in the UK and which are being launched in Italy and mobile telephony services as well (through MVNO agreements).

The plan also envisages, particularly in the UK by leveraging on the client base acquired with Pipex, to further develop a positioning in the SMEs market, by offering a complete portfolio of integrated IP services with a competitive market positioning.

From an infrastructure standpoint, the plan contemplates a further expansion of the network to reach 1,800 unbundling (LLU) sites in 2008 and 2,100 by 2009, covering approximately 30 million lines. In particular, it is expected to reach 1,000 LLU sites in the UK in 2008 (740 of which IPTV enabled) and 1,100 sites in 2009 (covering 17 million lines).

The ISP has so far managed to amass 2,000,000 UK broadband customers and expects to reach 2,600,000 (1.8 million direct and 1.4 million ‘multiplay’) by 2012, which looks like quite a realistic target given present growth.

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