Green Grid Reveals 2007 Roadmap

The Green Grid, a non-profit consortium dedicated to advancing energy efficiency in data centers and business computing ecosystems, recently announced that it has released its technology roadmap and key deliverables for the rest of 2007.

For the next few months, The Green Grid says it will focus on data collection through the documentation of existing standards and the evaluation of metrics, data assessment through a market study of current efficiency practices and technology proposals that outline The Green Grid's recommendations for the future of energy efficient data centers.

The nine papers will be launched over the next two quarters and are aimed at bringing together industry leaders and end users from critical segments of the data center ecosystem to develop a unified voice around data center efficiency issues.

"Despite the fact that power consumption is one of the most important issues facing IT today, there is a lack of guidelines and resources available for those looking to drive a change," says Lawrence Lamers, director of The Green Grid.

"The Green Grid is focused on building the foundation and launching the key technology deliverables required to improve data center energy efficiency both for existing data centers and for the design and operation of future ones."

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